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Welcome to O'Khach Baking Supplies, a cherished family business nestled in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. At the helm of our operations is the talented and dedicated Steph, our esteemed Chief of Command.

Steph's journey began as a loving mother to three beautiful children, each with an innate passion for baking. What started as a delightful hobby, crafting party favors for loved ones, quickly blossomed into a thriving, all-occasion baking enterprise that has flourished for over five remarkable years.

Driven by a keen eye for excellence and a genuine desire to fill a void in the market, Steph embarked on a mission to create top-notch baking accessories renowned for their quality and durability. After sharing her innovative products with fellow bakers and receiving resoundingly positive feedback, a seamless transition unfolded, propelling Steph from a skilled baker to a trusted supplier, visionary product designer, and passionate creator.

Thus commenced the arduous journey of gracefully balancing a young family, immersing herself in the intricacies of a new business realm, and honing her craft to develop the perfect products for the baking community. Through countless moments of determination, resilience, and heartfelt dedication, we are thrilled to present to you the culmination of this extraordinary endeavor: O'Khach Baking Supplies.

At O'Khach, we meticulously design, source, and develop new products infused with boundless ambition. Our profound love for baking compels us to offer only the finest quality items, meticulously selected based on our personal use and unwavering standards.

We cherish the opportunity to connect with our valued community, and we warmly encourage you to reach out to us through our social media platforms, leaving a comment or sending a direct message. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via email. We are here to listen, engage, and enhance your baking journey.

Thank you for choosing O'Khach Baking Supplies.

With love,

The O'Khach Team

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General Shipping Information

  • Handling and packing times within 5-10 business days in busy periods. 
  • Please note that Australia Post are currently experiencing delays due to the large number of parcels being sent. While some parcels may arrive quickly, others are taking longer, O'Khach Baking Supplies has no control over this. Please see below options for Australia Post estimate shipping times.
  • Shipping times listed are estimates only and are subject to change due to factors beyond our control.
  • Delays may occur both in processing and delivery over holiday and/or promotional periods.

Shipping Times

Delivery Times Do Not Include Handling and Packing Times

Domestic Orders

Australia Post, 3-20 Business Days

Australia Post Express, 1-3 Business Days

Domestic Orders Over $150 Receive Free Shipping

New Zealand Orders

Australia Post, 8-12 business days

Australia Post Express, 4-8 business days

Orders Over $200,AUD Receive Free Shipping

Rest Of The World

Australia Post, 8-28 business days

Australia Post Express, 4-10 business days

Orders Over $300,AUD Receive Free Shipping


General Shipping Information

  • Shipping time may vary according to Australia Post time frames and zones, and does not include our order processing time.
  • Orders are processed Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • Shipment confirmation will be sent to your email once your order has been dispatched.

General INTERNATIONAL Shipping Information

  • ALL International orders may be subject to customs inspections and import taxes unique to your country, based on items being over a certain value set by your local authority.
  • This is not within our control and O'Khach Baking Supplies is not responsible for paying these taxes. We advise contacting your local customs office to find out if/and how much these taxes may be. For NZ customers, you can calculate your estimated Customs charges here: https://www.customs.govt.nz/personal/duty-and-gst/whats-my-duty-estimator
  • We can not mark your package as a "sample" or "gift" to avoid these taxes. Honesty is our policy.

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